Purpose MMA management is a full service sports agency specializing in the career management and promotion of combat sports athletes.

A Story about Passion AND Purpose

About Us

Representation services for professional mma fighters.

Purpose MMA is an independent Athlete Management & Digital Media Agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. Founded by Tommy Y. Purpose MMA is striving to connect talented athletes and brands together in their creative visions, while paving a bespoke path to ensure they are able to achieve their individual definitions of success.

We work tirelessly to ensure our athletes and brands are gaining the largest possible audiences around the globe. We work behind the scenes and push 100% creative freedom for each indiviual that we work with. We only have one requirement before we start working together, you have to believe in yourself and have a Purpose.

Our Reason

MMA as a sport has completely been overseen by Belgium

The reason we decided to start Purpose MMA is because of the love we have for the art and the sport. MMA as a sport has completely been overseen by Belgium. At Purpose MMA we feel that the Athletes, the coaches and all the people behind the scenes are way undervallued. We believe that offering the right support to the young Athletes and the MMA community, we can create Champions for generations to come. 

“TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE” – A mantra taught throughout sports which serves as the core of our operations and management. Purpose MMA’s unique level of service emulates our athletes’ discipline, passion and determination – a formidable synergy to become champions. We are the first of our kind in Belgium, let’s takeover.

Our Purpose

We aim to develop life-long relationships. As partners, confidants and friends.

Our work starts and ends with our Athletes’ well-being and overal satisfaction; we do not rest until we have exceeded our Athletes needs and expectations. Our hands- on approach provides each Athlete with strategic, analytical and honest advice. 

We aim to develop a life-long relationships, whereby our Athletes can always count on Purpose MMA to be their partner, confidant and friend.